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With only a couple more days of swimming lessons left for my 21-month old granddaughter, Caroline, we were having our pool solar heated. The technician came to our patio door and asked me to step outside so he could show me how the thermostat worked. I saw Caroline step out behind me, and I just watched to see what she would do. Thinking she could walk on the plastic blanket which they had covered the pool, she stepped on it, and of course she immediately went under. She came up screaming, as the water was still very cold. The technician immediately started to take his shoes off to jump in and rescue her. I asked him to wait a second and see what she'd do. She turned over and floated on her back, and then turned over and swam the short distance to the side where I pulled her out.

There was never any danger of her not making it, but it was so gratifying to see her lessons put into action. Swim, Float, Swim was a wonderful learning experience for my grandchildren. Katja Borosch is an outstanding teacher. I highly recommend the program.

Susan Williams, grandmother


June 4, 2006
Dear Katja,

As a sister of an infant drowning victim, I understand the importance of teaching children to swim. I applaud the work that you have done with my 19-month old son, Collin. Your patience, kindness, and level of instruction by far exceeded my expectations. I am confident that the skills that Collin has learned from you will not only make it easier for him to enjoy the water, but could very well save his life one day. More importantly, the skills you teach will no doubt save many.

I am very grateful for the work you do!

My sincere thanks,
Lori Newberg


Dear Miss Katja -

I wanted to thank you so much for Michael's survival swim lessons over the past 2 years! Recently, he and I were swimming at my mother in law's pool and after about an hour, we had gotten out. I was picking up our things while Michael played on his tricycle. I had left a small section of the safety gate open because their dog was still playing in the pool. When I walked into the pool bathroom to grab our clothes, I glanced back and saw Michael riding his bike, heading outside. No more than 15 seconds later, I walked out of the pool bathroom only to find that Michael treading water in the pool next to his floating tricycle. In that short time, he had turned around, rode all the way back onto the lanai, through the little opening in the safety gate, and right into the pool! What shocked me most of all was that he wasn't panicking and even better, neither did I. I ran over to him and told him to swim to the side of the pool, but then realized that the bike was too much of a temptation for him to use as a float. I jumped in and pulled him out. He really wasn't even that upset, more concerned that I hadn't gotten his bike out of the pool too.

Even though I questioned myself many times while he was crying during swim class and I was wondering whether this was worth it and maybe swim classes were more traumatic to him than beneficial, I am now convinced that it was all worth it. I know that the skills he learned with you, including the ones where he is suddenly under the water, helped him to react appropriately and calmly in this situation. Thank you so much and you'll be seeing us for refresher courses next year!

Wendy K.

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